Hear My Heart



Every day dogs and cats are taken to the shelter for many reasons.  One reason is very near and dear to my heart, because their owners can not afford food for themselves let alone for these poor babies.


Creating a pet food pantry is something that has been on my heart for sometime,  but keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

Tonight this came across my Facebook news feed reigniting my passion.

Hey guys!  I have a person I know in need of dog and cat food!  Anything will help.  They have 2 dogs, a pit and a lab, and four cats.  They are going through a hard time, last thing I want to see is them having to get rid of them and they end up in the wrong hands!  Can anyone donate pet food? 

I am determined to not let this get pushed to the back burner again.  I would like to invite you to join me on this journey to make sure no dog or cat goes to sleep without food in their belly or sitting in a shelter because their family couldn’t afford to feed them.

I would live to hear your thoughts on this issue or if you know of a successful pet food pantry please share their link with us.


Summer Vacation for The Dogs


A month ago, I went on a cruise, and as you know unless they are service dogs, there is NO dogs on a cruise ship. I felt so guilty about leaving them behind as I knew I was off to have a great adventure, without them. A wave of guilt came over me as I stared into their big sad eyes as they tilted their head, asking why I was leaving with all my worldly possessions in rolling bags.

Even though I had an amazing Dog sitter, I worried about them. And felt guilty as I was lounging by the pool that they were sitting at home at the window watching for my return.

I am sure many of you have experienced the same thing I went through, well here are some tips for taking your faithful companion with you on your next summer adventure.

  • Have your dog checked out  by your vet before you leave. Make sure to get copies of all shot records. Research local vets where you will be traveling in case of an emergency
  • Bring a crate, tags and all vaccination information and a picture of your dog. Most airlines and hotels require these things. The picture is in case your dog goes missing while you are traveling.
  • A room on the first floor is always a good idea, for ease of walking the dog.
  • Back some of their favorite things for times when they can’t go with you and must stay behind in the room.


Have A Heart For Chained Dogs

My heart hurts when I take my dogs for a walk and we see dogs in yards that are stuck at the end of a chain. They call out to us as we walk by. Voicing how sad they are that they can’t run and play too

I first want to define what chaining a dog is. It is the fastening of a dog to a stationary object or a stake. As a way to keep the dog under control.

Dogs are naturally social creatures who thrive on interaction with humans and other animals. A dog chained in one spot for hours, days, months or even years suffers psychological damage. A once friendly docile dog when kept chained to one spot become neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive.

Chained dogs can also suffer physical problems that come from being constantly chained. The necks of chained dogs become raw and covered with sores from constant yanking and trying to escape confinement. Dogs have been found with collars embedded in their necks from years of neglect at the end of a chain.

Dogs chained for long periods of time can become high aggressive. Dogs by nature are protective of their territory. When confronted with a perceived threat, dogs have one of two ways of response. They will either flee or fight. A chained dog has the option to flee removed, so all they are left with is to fight for their territory.

A dog forced to live on a chain is an easy target for other animals or humans. They can suffer harassment and teasing from insensitive humans. They can also be attacked by other animals. because once again the option to flee has been taken away from them. Dogs forced to live on a chain are also easy targets for thieves looking for dogs to sell to research institutes or to be used in organized animal fights.

And finally a dog forced to live on a chain can become entangled and choke or be strangled to death.

Please consider fencing in an area to keep your dog, if living in the house is not an option.


How To Train Your Human To Give You Treats

My youngest dog Dallas loves books and magazines he really gets into them


Awhile back he really got into the book.  He wants to share with my readers what he learned from the pages of that book.

Hey All, Dallas Here. I really got into the book called “Real Dogs Eat Meat” The chapter on getting more treats was so good I decided I needed to pass it on . Because isn’t more treats our goal in life? I know it is in mine!

With little effort and patience on your part, your owner can be trained to give you treats whenever you want. Here are five surefire methods for getting the goods.

Don’t ask me why, but owners like to throw things. Even more cunfusing; The things they throw they actually want back. If you’re lucky enough to be around when they throw something be sure to bring it back. Chances are you’re in for a treat.


2. Put’er There
If you let them shake your paw, they give you a treat. All I can say is owners are easily amused.

3. Sit, Stay
For some reason, owners seem to like it when we sit and don’t move. Sit on my butt and chill for a treat? Count me in.


4. Welcome Home
When your owner comes home, act like you’re ecstatic to see them. Hop, scamper, turn circles. Do whatever it takes to get them to think you think it’s been ten years since you’ve seen them – even if they just stepped out to get the mail.


5. Down Boy
What’s better? Jumping on a visitor or not jumping and getting a treat? Tough call, for sure. But I’ll take the treat.


Be A Dog Hero

Fostering dogs is such a fun and rewarding experience. Fostering is a lot like mountain climbing. Everyone agrees it is a noble pursuit, just not something they consider doing themselves. They think surely it must take someone very strong and courageous. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you can provide a warm loving home, a comfy place for them to lay their head and food and water you can be a foster parent.


Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue organization. Everyday 1000’s of dogs are put to sleep because the shelters are too full. These dogs are not just the older dogs or the ones who are very sick. 100’s of puppies are put to sleep everyday.


Perfectly good dogs are dumped at the pound not because they are bad or dangerous but because……

  • I can’t afford it anymore
  • We are moving
  • We are having a baby
  • I just don’t want it


What Are The Benefits Of Fostering A Dog

  • Gives you a sense of purpose
  • Great way for you to maybe find that furever friend you have been thinking about
  • Great way to learn about different breeds
  • Teaches children about service and respect for all living things



What Is Required To Foster A Dog

  1. Plan to keep your foster indefinitely. Sometimes they are placed quickly. Other times it may take many months
  2. Provide a good home. *Safe, *Comfortable, *Healthy Environment, *Plan on your foster being kept inside.
  3. Work with the rescue for medical treatment. *Most rescues will cover medical treatment during fostering
  4. Treat the foster as if it were your own. This helps them to learn good manners and gets them used to living with a family (So often fosters come from homes where they have been chained outside away from human contact)
  5. Never hand over your foster to someone. All adoptions are done through the rescue.



Remember, there is NEVER enough room in the shelters and every day dogs are loosing their lives. The more foster parents there are. The more lives will be saved



A Glimpse Into A Dogs Day

My dogs are my best friends and whole world. When I am at work I always wonder what they are doing. I wish I could send them a text and ask them. You know if dogs could text they would be hilarious.