My name is Jenny Marie, Welcome to Wiggly Butts. I am mom to 3 rescue furbabies.

4153_1147138475162_6210325_n Bandit, my oldest who is 15 (6/2016) He was thrown from a moving car at 6 weeks old. I saved him from the ditch where he landed. He has taught me so much in his 15yrs with me.

164361_1744567330510_470641_n Baxter, is my middle child he is 6yrs old (7/2016) He and his sister were abandoned in the woods on one of the hottest days in South Carolina (100 degrees). By the time I found him his sister had already passed from the heat and he was severely dehydrated. He has the sweetest and gentlest spirit.

1002607_10201389707241157_407250095_n Dallas is the baby @ 4yrs old (6/2016) and he is still a non-stop bundle of fur. At the age of 9 months he found himself at my house. The 4th home in his young life and his now forever home.