Summer Vacation for The Dogs


A month ago, I went on a cruise, and as you know unless they are service dogs, there is NO dogs on a cruise ship. I felt so guilty about leaving them behind as I knew I was off to have a great adventure, without them. A wave of guilt came over me as I stared into their big sad eyes as they tilted their head, asking why I was leaving with all my worldly possessions in rolling bags.

Even though I had an amazing Dog sitter, I worried about them. And felt guilty as I was lounging by the pool that they were sitting at home at the window watching for my return.

I am sure many of you have experienced the same thing I went through, well here are some tips for taking your faithful companion with you on your next summer adventure.

  • Have your dog checked out  by your vet before you leave. Make sure to get copies of all shot records. Research local vets where you will be traveling in case of an emergency
  • Bring a crate, tags and all vaccination information and a picture of your dog. Most airlines and hotels require these things. The picture is in case your dog goes missing while you are traveling.
  • A room on the first floor is always a good idea, for ease of walking the dog.
  • Back some of their favorite things for times when they can’t go with you and must stay behind in the room.



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