Have A Heart For Chained Dogs

My heart hurts when I take my dogs for a walk and we see dogs in yards that are stuck at the end of a chain. They call out to us as we walk by. Voicing how sad they are that they can’t run and play too

I first want to define what chaining a dog is. It is the fastening of a dog to a stationary object or a stake. As a way to keep the dog under control.

Dogs are naturally social creatures who thrive on interaction with humans and other animals. A dog chained in one spot for hours, days, months or even years suffers psychological damage. A once friendly docile dog when kept chained to one spot become neurotic, unhappy, anxious and often aggressive.

Chained dogs can also suffer physical problems that come from being constantly chained. The necks of chained dogs become raw and covered with sores from constant yanking and trying to escape confinement. Dogs have been found with collars embedded in their necks from years of neglect at the end of a chain.

Dogs chained for long periods of time can become high aggressive. Dogs by nature are protective of their territory. When confronted with a perceived threat, dogs have one of two ways of response. They will either flee or fight. A chained dog has the option to flee removed, so all they are left with is to fight for their territory.

A dog forced to live on a chain is an easy target for other animals or humans. They can suffer harassment and teasing from insensitive humans. They can also be attacked by other animals. because once again the option to flee has been taken away from them. Dogs forced to live on a chain are also easy targets for thieves looking for dogs to sell to research institutes or to be used in organized animal fights.

And finally a dog forced to live on a chain can become entangled and choke or be strangled to death.

Please consider fencing in an area to keep your dog, if living in the house is not an option.



3 thoughts on “Have A Heart For Chained Dogs

      • That is very sad. At least you tried to help them. You are very good. Maybe some of their friends will read your article and have a serious talk to the owners. Sometimes people accept complains better from family and friends… Lets hope it will change..


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