How To Train Your Human To Give You Treats

My youngest dog Dallas loves books and magazines he really gets into them


Awhile back he really got into the book.  He wants to share with my readers what he learned from the pages of that book.

Hey All, Dallas Here. I really got into the book called “Real Dogs Eat Meat” The chapter on getting more treats was so good I decided I needed to pass it on . Because isn’t more treats our goal in life? I know it is in mine!

With little effort and patience on your part, your owner can be trained to give you treats whenever you want. Here are five surefire methods for getting the goods.

Don’t ask me why, but owners like to throw things. Even more cunfusing; The things they throw they actually want back. If you’re lucky enough to be around when they throw something be sure to bring it back. Chances are you’re in for a treat.


2. Put’er There
If you let them shake your paw, they give you a treat. All I can say is owners are easily amused.

3. Sit, Stay
For some reason, owners seem to like it when we sit and don’t move. Sit on my butt and chill for a treat? Count me in.


4. Welcome Home
When your owner comes home, act like you’re ecstatic to see them. Hop, scamper, turn circles. Do whatever it takes to get them to think you think it’s been ten years since you’ve seen them – even if they just stepped out to get the mail.


5. Down Boy
What’s better? Jumping on a visitor or not jumping and getting a treat? Tough call, for sure. But I’ll take the treat.



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