Be A Dog Hero

Fostering dogs is such a fun and rewarding experience. Fostering is a lot like mountain climbing. Everyone agrees it is a noble pursuit, just not something they consider doing themselves. They think surely it must take someone very strong and courageous. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you can provide a warm loving home, a comfy place for them to lay their head and food and water you can be a foster parent.


Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue organization. Everyday 1000’s of dogs are put to sleep because the shelters are too full. These dogs are not just the older dogs or the ones who are very sick. 100’s of puppies are put to sleep everyday.


Perfectly good dogs are dumped at the pound not because they are bad or dangerous but because……

  • I can’t afford it anymore
  • We are moving
  • We are having a baby
  • I just don’t want it


What Are The Benefits Of Fostering A Dog

  • Gives you a sense of purpose
  • Great way for you to maybe find that furever friend you have been thinking about
  • Great way to learn about different breeds
  • Teaches children about service and respect for all living things



What Is Required To Foster A Dog

  1. Plan to keep your foster indefinitely. Sometimes they are placed quickly. Other times it may take many months
  2. Provide a good home. *Safe, *Comfortable, *Healthy Environment, *Plan on your foster being kept inside.
  3. Work with the rescue for medical treatment. *Most rescues will cover medical treatment during fostering
  4. Treat the foster as if it were your own. This helps them to learn good manners and gets them used to living with a family (So often fosters come from homes where they have been chained outside away from human contact)
  5. Never hand over your foster to someone. All adoptions are done through the rescue.



Remember, there is NEVER enough room in the shelters and every day dogs are loosing their lives. The more foster parents there are. The more lives will be saved




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