Why I Won’t Use a Retractable Leash


Retractable leashes are popular because people feel they aren’t as confining for their dogs. It gives the dog freedom to sniff and enjoy their walk. But it also sets the dog and walker up for possible harm and trouble.

The retractable leash really isn’t a leash. It is a thin cord wound around a spring loaded device inside a plastic handle.

Let’s look at the possible dangers this leash can pose:

  • The leash can extend in some cases up to 26 feet allowing the dog to get far enough away from their human that a situation could quickly turn dangerous. This would allow the dog enough lead to run into the road or make contact with other dogs or humans uninvited.
  • If the dog approaches an aggressive dog it is too far away from its human for the human to get the situation under control. It is much easier to protect your dog when they are on a 6 foot leash than a 20 feet away.
  • The thin cord of the retractable leash breaks real easy, especially with a powerful dog on the other end of it. If your dog takes off at a good speed after something. The chances that lead is going to snap and they are gone is highly possible. Plus the cord can then snap back and injure the human.
  • If you get tangled in the cord or grab the cord to try and reel the dog back in it could cause burns, cuts  and even amputation.
  • Your dog can also receive serious injury as a result of the sudden jerk when they come to the end of their lead, if they are at a full run.
  • Retractable leashes allow a dog to pull at the end of the lead which may to another dog look like aggression and that dog may decide to fight back

Dogs who are perfectly trained to walk nicely on a leash have a gentle personality and good manners. Maybe the only good candidate for the retractable leash but even in this instance I wouldn’t want to risk my dogs or my health and well-being for this type of leash

I would love to hear your thoughts and what you use with your dog for walks



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