OMG, My Baby is 15yrs Old!


Today My Baby, Bandit turns 15yrs old. Some days he has energy like his much younger brothers. Other days it’s a  10 minute struggle to get up the stairs, to lay on the bed in the sun.

People tell me I spoil him because he gets special treatment. Yes he does get treated different than the other two, but because he gets the senior treatment.

Here is a list of what I do to help my senior baby

  1. Bandit gets a nutritional grain free meal 2 times a day. For his evening meal he gets fresh veggies with his kibble. (This is not special treatment the other 2 get this as well) Bandit does get a vitamins for health joints.
  2. I make sure Bandit gets exercise everyday. He gets a walk, just he and I only because he can’t keep the pace of his younger brothers. Some days I can’t keep up with them either. It would be real easy to let him just lounge on the couch all day because his joints are hurting him. But this will only make things worse. On the days he is hurting and struggling with his walking, we may not walk as long or as many times but he still gets a walk. Even if it is to the mailbox and back.
  3. I try to keep Bandit at a healthy weight. Being overweight is not only hard on his heart but also on those sore joints. This is true for the other two as well.
  4. Bandit gets regular check ups at the vet. Any sign of something out of the ordinary he gets a visit.


Our dogs are only with us for a short time, so lets make that time as healthy and enjoyable as possible.

I would love to see pictures of your babies and hear any tips you may have that you do with your senior dogs or preventative with your younger dogs

I am participating in a blogging event which is inspiring writings with a daily word prompt. My word for today was Struggle If you would like to partcipate in this event you can do so here


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