National Just One day


Can our nation take just ONE day to be a NO KILL NATION? June 11th is just that day.

Everyday all across this great nation 10,000 adoptable Kittens, Puppies, Dogs & Cats loose their life in a shelter. But on June 11th Shelters and rescues all over this nation are pledging to make this day a no kill day.

895c6a_6cb338664051404aba56626d3108192bMike Fry got the idea for Just One Day while talking to someone who was in a chemical dependency program. He asked who they were doing and the answer was “You know, One Day at a time”. He realized for most shelters killing was their go to solution, just like destructive addictions it is difficult to stop. But when he heard just one day, He thought what a great way for shelters to try something new.

To participate shelters don’t have to make a major overhaul to their operations. They just have to pledge to do something different for JUST ONE DAY, No Kill on June 11th. His hope is then it will be easier to not kill on June 12th as well.

When looking at the list of SC Shelters that are participating I was happy to see that Greenville County Animal Care has taken the pledge. On this day please show your love and support to them. Remember June 11th is the day to support them by going and adopting one of the Kittens, Puppies, Cats or Dogs that is having their life save for JUST ONE DAY








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